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Welcome to Heartland Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) in Springfield Illinois. Heartland is a vibrant, diverse and active community of believers dedicated to transforming the world through the same unconditional love Jesus Christ showed us. Heartland MCC collaborates with other communities of faith and groups to continue the work of removing exclusion and building up the inclusive love of our God.

MCC is a global Christian church of loving, affirming and welcoming communities of faith.  We are “Tearing Down Walls” of oppression and injustice in your community and around the world.  Because we are a people of the Good News, we are working with our Divine Creator to “Build Up Hope” among our siblings worldwide. We are a people of hope, we are a people of faith and we welcome you on this lifelong journey and mission!

Worship Times

Our church family meets together weekly at 10:30am for worship with a time of fellowship with treats, drink, and conversation following. Visit the directions page to find where the church is located

What do I wear?

For starters, clothes would be good. After that, whatever you are comfortable in. If you think it best to put on your ‘Sunday best’ for God, then by all means do so. But if you think God judges us by the content of our hearts and not the content of our thread count, then come as you are. Bottom line, come.

What is the local MCC church like?

Our churches are located in over 40 countries on 6 continents and are made up of congregants from many different walks of life.  Because of this, we have a fellowship of churches that celebrate diversity both within our local congregation and among the global community.

The people sitting near you during worship services may come from a different religious tradition than you do. Still, we all worship together and celebrate the diversity God creates in us.

As a global church, we share the foundational calling (mission) for a specific and intentional outreach to/with homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people. Our churches actively minister in their communities to and with LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people.

All persons have value and worth, and are uniquely gifted to share the Good News with others. It takes the whole body, clergy and laity, to live out the Good News!

Will I be welcomed?

Yes, absolutely. No matter your religious background (or lack thereof), your race, gender identity, sexual orientation, family makeup, disability…anything – you are welcomed at Heartland MCC.

Common questions and answers

  • Is MCC a gay and lesbian church?
    MCC was founded as a Christian church called to be in ministry to/with homosexual people. As time passed, we built on the original vision given to our founder (Rev. Troy Perry). MCC has become an all-inclusive fellowship of churches – churches that welcome everyone.
  • How old is MCC?
    The United Federation of Metropolitan Community Churches was founded in October of 1968.
  • How did MCC begin?
    MCC was founded out of the vision and calling of the Rev. Troy Perry.  For more information on the establishment of MCC and our earliest experiences as a church, click here.
  • Does MCC perform same sex marriage?
    MCC believe that marriage should be freely available to all people, everywhere.  Where legal marriage is allowed for homosexual couples, MCC offers marriage ceremonies. In locations in which same sex marriage is not legal, MCC offers Holy Unions – religious ceremonies that recognize the union of a homosexual couple in the house of God. MCC clergy are able to provide marriage or union ceremonies to any couple, heterosexual and homosexual.

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Some of the above information has been adapted from the the Metropolitan Community of Churches website