About Us

Heartland Metropolitan Community Church is a faith community that believes in social action as well as spiritual transformation.

We are an active community, also collaborating with other communities of faith and groups to continue the work of removing exclusion and building up the inclusive love of our God. In December of 2010 the congregation approved the mission statement and core values we follow.



Heartland Metropolitan Community Church Mission Statement
Through worship, community and social action, Heartland Metropolitan Community Church continues the message of God’s liberating love, wholeness and justice for all people as Jesus intended, in order to bring Good News to our world and witness to the call of relationship with God and with one another.

Heartland Metropolitan Community Church Core Values
Commitment to Spiritual Growth –  We are committed to our spiritual growth and our relationship with the God who loves us all.  We support each other on our personal and communal journeys with our God through prayer and church groups in order to grow in our relationship with Christ and with each other.

Social Action/Justice
At the core of the heart of Jesus’ message is a message of social justice and a preferential option for those on the margins.  As a people who have understood marginalization, we strive to speak forth for human rights and social justice, not only in words, but in action.

Faithful Cooperation with other communities
We strive to cooperate with other communities of faith to show our connectedness with all God’s children.  We do that by cooperating on projects and service ministries with other churches and organizations , especially in areas that promote human rights and social justice.

Radical Hospitality
We believe that hospitality is at the center of true inclusion.  We practice a radical hospitality in every way by  striving to provide a welcome in the spirit of God’s love to every person who comes into our church and into our lives.


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